Panasonic Projector the PT-AT5000E with HD 3D

Panasonic projector the PT-AT5000 has been redesigned from the ground up to achieve higher basic 2D performance and packed with unique 3D features to deliver the 3D quality demanded by the Hollywood professionals.

The new 200-W Red-Rich Lamp increases the luminous efficiency of the projector to achieve brighter images with excellent color purity. Able to produce a stunning brightness of 2,000 lm, the PT-AT5000 unleashes the beauty of 2D/3D full-HD expression for viewing on various screen sizes.

To assure maximum clarity and sharpness in full-HD images, this advanced optical system employs a full-HD-optimized lens unit comprising of 16 lens elements in 12 groups, including two large-diameter aspherical lenses and two high-performance extra-low dispersion lenses.

Sonos introduces the PLAY:3

Sonos introduces the PLAY:3 compact all-in-one Sonos player with Sonos HiFi sound (20/7/2011)

Stream all the music on earth wirelessly in any room

Sonos, the leading manufacturer of wireless music systems, today introduced the SONOS PLAY:3, the compact, all-in-one Sonos player with Sonos HiFi sound. You can start with a single PLAY:3, streaming all the music on earth. You can then expand wirelessly over time – bringing a world of music to every room of the home. The PLAY:3, and all your music, can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the home with free Sonos Controller Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. PLAY:3 is ideal for any room where you want music and versatile enough to work both vertically and horizontally. PLAY:3 is available now for £259 at Sonos retailers and at

“PLAY:3 gives music fans an incredibly easy way to listen to all the music on earth,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. “PLAY:3’s innovative design sets a new bar for Hi Fidelity audio in a compact package and makes it simple to amplify the music experience in any room of the home.”

PLAY:3 is connected to the Internet, giving you access to unlimited music. Play your entire digital music library, including iTunes tracks stored on any computer or Network Attached storage, such as an Apple Time Capsule. Find and play over 100,000 radio stations, shows and podcasts for free. Plus, Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular music streaming services to provide access to millions of songs and stations from AUPEO,, Deezer, Napster, Spotify, Stitcher Smartradio, Wolfgang’s Vault, and more.

PLAY:3 is simple to set up, easy to expand and 100% compatible with all other Sonos products. Just plug in the PLAY:3 wherever you want music. One Sonos player or SONOS BRIDGE (sold separately) must be connected to your router, then all other Sonos players will work wirelessly. When you’re ready to play more music in more rooms, just add another PLAY:3.

When it comes to controlling the music and PLAY:3, you can use free Sonos Controller Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. With your smartphone or tablet in hand, you can wirelessly search for songs and stations, choose the music and control the volume in as many rooms as you like. PLAY:3 also includes the free Sonos Controller for Mac or PC. Or you can let everyone in the house share the control with the dedicated SONOS CONTROL (sold separately).

Other features of PLAY:3 include:

· Sonos HiFi sound: 3 integrated speakers and 3 dedicated digital amplifiers provide crystal-clear, wall-to-wall sound

· Innovative, smart-directional design: Internal sensor detects if the speaker is positioned vertically or horizontally and modifies the speaker’s output to ensure clean, balanced, room-filling sound in any position

· Multi-room: Put several PLAY:3s around your home and enjoy perfectly synchronised all-over-your-home music

· Stereo pairing: Add two PLAY:3s to the same room and enjoy even bigger sound with each playing a dedicated Left or Right channel

The PLAY:3 features three Class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers -− one tweeter, two 3” mid-range and one passive, rear-firing bass radiator for rich sound. The cabinet features volume and mute control. PLAY:3 dimensions are 132 x 268 x 160 mm/ 2.6 kg. Full PLAY:3 specifications and details can be found at

In other news today, Sonos make

s it even easier and more affordable to get started with Sonos. Sonos has lowered the suggested retail price of the BRIDGE to £39. BRIDGE connects directly to your router and initiates SonosNet, the world’s most robust wireless music network. This gives you the freedom to place the PLAY:3, or any other Sonos players, anywhere in your home.

Additionally, today’s launch features an update to Sonos Software. Along with support for PLAY:3, Sonos Software v3.5 adds several improvements to the Sonos Controller for Android, including the option to install the app to SD cards and localisation in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.

To see the PLAY:3 demo, check out:

via HiddenWires – Sonos introduces the PLAY:3 compact all-in-one Sonos player with Sonos HiFi sound.

Gigabit Wi-Fi on the way

Gigabit Wi-Fi on the way

A new range of 60GHz Wi-Fi products capable of speeds in the “Gigabit range” are set to be launched by the end of the year.

The move follows a deal between the Wi-Fi Alliance and the WiGig Alliance, who’ve agreed a specification for devices using the 60GHz frequency. The Wi-Fi Alliance will begin certifying products based on the joint specification.

Today’s Wi-Fi products largely use the 2.4GHz frequency, with high-end products taking advantage of 5GHz for less congested transmission. The move to 60GHz is aimed at providing high-speed wireless for applications such as streaming HD video.

“60GHz device connectivity will be an exciting enhancement to the capabilities of today’s Wi-Fi technologies,” said Wi-Fi Alliance chief executive officer Edgar Figueroa. “From its inception, the WiGig specification was designed to work on a wide variety of devices, making it a compelling input as we begin to define our certification program for 60GHz wireless.”

The addition of 60GHz will see the launch of Tri-band products, capable of transmission across all three frequencies. The specification includes the ability to “hand over” a session to operate on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands.

However, there does appear to be the risk of backwards compatibility issues, with the Wi-Fi Alliance only prepared to state that “a significant portion, if not all, of these [60GHz] devices are expected to also support traditional Wi-Fi networking in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands”.

Although the Alliance is talking about Gigabit-class Wi-Fi, such claims will have to be taken with a pinch of salt until the hardware actually arrives, with actual Wi-Fi speeds traditionally falling well short of the headline figure.

via Gigabit Wi-Fi on the way | News | PC Pro.

Apple prepares iPhone OS 4 preview

Apple will offer a sneak peek of iPhone OS 4 on 8 April, with analysts speculating that the company will finally bring multitasking to the software.

The Cupertino-based company has begun sending out invites to journalists and analysts to attend an event at its headquarters, and “Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS.”The event will take place at 10am Pacific time, or 6pm GMT.

The invites come hot on the heels of the iPad launch, and the rumour mill has already sprung into life on what new features lie in wait.Now read thisRead how far one company went to tear the iPad apart firstHigh on many people's wishlist is multitasking, which will allow the iPhone to run multiple apps at once, and switch between them at will.

While the current iPhone OS allows people to continue listening to music while they get on with something else, that's about the extent of the functionality.

However, rumours suggest Apple plans to change this with a modified version of the Expose feature from Mac OS X.Expose allows Mac users to quickly view all open windows, and select the one they want. According to reports, a similar option will be made available on the iPhone, with users able to browse icons of running apps.It’s also been suggested that Apple plans to roll out a new mobile-advertising platform called iAd.

It’s believed iAd will allow advertisers to serve location-aware advertising to users, and could possibly fuel a raft of free services and applications on the iPhone.

via Apple prepares iPhone OS 4 preview | News | PC Pro.

Prysm preps super-efficient laser phosphor TVs

How can an outsider possibly crack into the television industry, which is dominated by incumbents with a lead built on billions of dollars and years of investment?

For Silicon Valley start-up Prysm, the route to TVs is technology that promises dramatic energy savings, uses no toxic materials, and offers competitive image quality.

Laser phosphor display technology, which Prysm plans to market to commercial customers, allows for curved screens.

(Credit: Prysm)

By the end of the second quarter, the company plans to introduce its first laser phosphor TV, part of a line of displays that use up to 75 percent less energy than existing flat-panel displays, according to company executives.

The company is initially targeting commercial customers who can use the displays in retail or public spaces such as sports arenas where many tiles can be used to make one giant screen. Later the company expects to target the residential market, executives said. The image quality will be as good as existing flat-screen TVs and be competitive on price, said Dana Corey, vice president of sales and marketing.

The five-year old San Jose-Calif.-based company, which first disclosed its work in January, plans to soon announce its funding. It now has about 100 employees in the U.S., India, and elsewhere in Asia.

Conceptually, laser phosphor display technology is more like old-fashioned cathode-ray tubes, where electrons are beamed at a phosphor-coated glass to create an image. Prysm's TV uses laser beams, modulated by mirrors, to shine light onto phosphor materials on glass. When excited by the light, the phosphors glow to create an image.

One of the enabling technologies to make the laser phosphor displays economical is high-density optical storage components, which emerged in the 1990s and are now used in hard disks and Blu-ray DVD players, said Julian Carey, the director of product marketing.

(Credit: Prysm)

One feature of the technology is that the display does not heat up like a liquid crystal display or plasma TV. Particularly in a commercial setting with many screens, cool displays can significantly reduce the cooling load for a building, said Corey.

Another environmentally friendly feature is that the manufacture of the TVs does not use mercury or other harmful materials as existing flat-screen TVs do, he added.

The company plans to manufacture thousands of units this year and has customers, Corey said. The improved power consumption is attractive, particularly to commercial buyers, but sales will only happen if the company can match the rest of the industry of price and image quality.

“Pricing is going to be right in line with competition,” he said. “In this climate, you need to meet (image) needs and use the advantage of less power consumption.”

via Prysm preps super-efficient laser phosphor TVs | Green Tech – CNET News.

Top 10 Most Cliché Home Theater Demos

Top 10 Most Cliché Home Theater Demos.

TopGun-Maverick.gifThe other night I had a few people over to my humble abode for dinner. None of my guests had ever been to my home nor did they have any idea that I was the Managing Editor for an online home theater publication. Upon entry the first thing that grabbed their attention was my 80-inch SI Black Diamond Screen hanging above my fireplace. “That’s a huge plasma,” one of the guests exclaimed. Of course the SI screen is far from being a plasma or flat panel display but I could see how one would get that impression. I politely corrected my guest, “it’s actually a projection screen.” Once I said projection screen I knew it was over. Dinner was going to be cold and whatever discussions were on the agenda were going to have to wait as my four houseguests took up residence on my sofa.

It was demo time.

I’ve played host to countless demos since becoming an audiophile and later a home theater enthusiast. I had a neighbor a few years ago who would invite himself over to my condo every time he noticed a FedEx or UPS package on my doorstep. My system and tastes have gone through countless transformations and iterations over the years, however my current system has to be the pinnacle of what I’ve learned over the past ten years and truth be told, I’ve never actually demoed it for complete strangers. This was going to be fun.

As my guests got comfortable I fired up the system and let everything warm up with a little Internet radio via my AppleTV. Right off the bat that seemed to be enough to wow this particular crowd but I was only getting started. As I gazed upon my shelves and the rows of Blu-ray discs, HD DVDs and DVDs I recalled all the demos I’ve seen over the years and how they either excited me or bored me to tears and realized how important a demo, or in this case a first impression, is. It’s not like I was trying to make a sale or am a dealer in any capacity, far from it, but since this was to be the first real demo of my system I wanted to make it a memorable one; not just for my guests but for me as well.

Anyone can put on a Hollywood blockbuster and crank the volume to 11 and get a response out of someone; it’s what most movie theaters do. But I wanted to be better than that. I wanted to avoid the usual suspects, which got me thinking, what are the 10 most cliché home theater demos I’ve seen in recent memory?

10. Heat -Bank Robbery Scene
Showcases: Surround sound effects and coherence, dynamics, bass performance, high frequency detail and grey scale rendering.

Heat is arguably one of the best crime dramas of all time. The story, cast, performances, cinematography and sound design are all top notch. So you’re probably wondering to yourself why, oh why, is Heat on my 10 Most Cliché Home Theater Demos list? Simple: when cueing up Heat for a home theater or in-store demo most folks skip straight to the film’s biggest action sequence; the bank robbery. I’m not suggesting you should watch Heat in its entirety as a demo, but the bank robbery scene has been played out and subsequently made the list not because it ceases to impress but because it’s no longer original or unexpected.

Alternate Demos: The Kingdom, Tombstone, The International, Miami Vice

9. Anything by Michael Bay
Showcases: Dynamics, high frequency detail, bass response, surround sound effects, color fidelity, saturation and black level performance.

Love him or hate him, Michael Bay is arguably the reigning king of Hollywood blockbusters. All of his films have grossed unseemly amounts of money worldwide and have provided more than ample demo fodder for home theater enthusiasts and retailers alike. Michael Bay’s formula is simple; wanton action set against vapid but attractive characters with a dose of comedy any 13-year-old boy would love. I have nothing against Bay or his films, hell I’ll even admit to liking most of them, but if you’re looking for a demo that showcases loud explosions, insane surround sound effects set against a vibrant over the top color pallet and lens flares you can be more original than a Michael Bay film.

Alternate Demos: National Treasure I and II, Children of Men, Taking of Pelham 123

8. Twister
Showcases: Bass response, surround sound effects, micro detail, soundstage coherence, high frequency detail, grey scale rendering and saturation.

Twister was quite possibly the film that got me started in home theater. I remember purchasing my letterboxed copy on VHS and rushing home to watch it in my downstairs media room with a buddy of mine and being out of breath when it was all over. At first blush Twister is an engaging ride to say the least and for its time it featured some of the best computer generated effects ever created. That being said, in the ten or so years since its release we’ve been inundated with natural disaster flicks all of which build upon the Twister tradition but do it better, though I’d argue none come close to telling as good of a story nor feature Phillip Seymour Hoffman before he was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Twister will always hold a special place in my heart but for showcasing the best a modern home theater has to offer I think I’d look elsewhere.

Alternate Demos: The Day After Tomorrow, Sunshine, Vertical Limit,

7. Gladiator
Showcases: Surround sound effects, macro and micro detail, bass performance, midrange and high frequency detail, color saturation, contrast, edge fidelity and black level performance.

Let’s face it; Ridley Scott’s Gladiator was destined to be a home theater demo. Setting aside the story itself, the film has seemingly everything going for it; beautiful cinematography, tantalizing sound and surround sound mixing all wrapped up in epic, historical setting that begs for 1080p and uncompressed surround sound playback. That being said it makes my list because it’s simply been played to death, not to mention re-released on nearly every format imaginable. It’s not that I don’t love the film, I do; however with any good demo the element of surprise is often as powerful as the performance itself, which Gladiator no longer has – for I feel every man, woman and child has the film memorized.

Alternate Demos: For Love of the Game, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Last Samurai, Friday Night Lights,

6. Sin City / 300 / Watchmen
Showcases: Bright vibrant colors, black and white level detail, grey scale tracking, low video noise, edge fidelity, surround sound mixing and bass performance.

Comic book films are all the rage these days with seemingly every graphic novel and comic being adapted into a film to varying degrees of success. The three films in question, Sin City, 300 and Watchmen are such adaptations, only unlike other comic book sourced films these three films seem to have cemented themselves in the home theater space. And why shouldn’t they? Say what you want about the stories, all three are technical achievements of the highest caliber showcasing brilliant image quality mixed with a heavy dose of multi-channel magic. They make my list because seemingly every manufacturer and home theater enthusiasts have made the before mentioned films their benchmark in one way or another as to what a good home theater can do. That being said, with regards to Sin City and 300 the films, while beautiful, are essentially black and white, so while they may showcase black levels, contrast and edge fidelity they do little in terms of presenting the scope and breadth of a display’s capabilities. Watchmen goes a step further by offering up a full, four-color color pallet but it too suffers the same fate as, say, Michael Bay sourced demo material -not a whole lot of subtlety. Like all demos on my list these three films have run their course and taken the lion’s share of attention and subsequent blame of what makes or breaks a comic book adaptation. For a true, well-rounded comic book presentation or at the very least a film with far more complexity in terms of story and image I suggest viewers dig a little deeper.

Alternate Demos: History of Violence and The Punisher (not Punisher: War Zone)

5. The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over Live
Showcases: Multi-channel surround sound music, surround sound coherence, midrange performance, bass performance and overall musicality.

The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over Live almost took my number one slot on this list due to the fact that for almost a full year surrounding its release I’m not sure I was able to walk into a showroom and/or trade show without hearing the opening to “Hotel California” playing on loop. Hell Freezes Over Live is a good disc, arguably the original home theater/music demo but come on, how many more times do we have to hear the same track played over and over again before we stop caring about the performance and the sound quality and just run for the door out of nausea? Let’s mix it up a bit shall we.

Alternate Demos: Peter Cincotti Live in New York, 3 Doors Down: Away From the Sun Live From Houston, Texas, Godsmack: Changes,

4. Saving Private Ryan -Attack on Omaha Beach
Showcases: Bass performance, Surround Sound Effects and Mixing, High Frequency performance, Soundstage Detail, Motion, Black Levels and Contrast.

Saving Private Ryan is not wholly unlike Gladiator in that it’s a home theater enthusiasts’ wet dream when it comes demo material. It’s got Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, World War II with action and drama to spare. That being said, I kind of hope dealers and friends would spare me having to sit through such a traumatic scene for the purpose of showing me what their system can do. I’m not a prude but I kind of find the usage of this scene, or the film for that matter as nothing more than a technical showcase somewhat disturbing. By having the attack on Omaha Beach on loop in so many homes and showrooms across the country, have we become desensitized to what it is attempting to show us and forgotten the meaning of the film altogether? I think so. As impressive as the scene is, isn’t it a little disheartening to think that a dark yet triumphant piece of our nation’s history has been diluted to a 60 second demo where phrases like “cool,” “bad-ass” and “awesome” have replaced the homage and tribute the filmmakers set out to evoke?

I understand that war films are a big part of our cinematic culture and I’m not suggesting we do away with them by any means for I feel they are important, however I fear we lose sight of why they’re important when we use them as sales tools for luxury goods.

Alternate Demos: none

3. U-571 – Depth Charge Scene
Showcases: Bass performance and detail, Surround Sound Effects and Mastering, Micro and Macro detail, Dynamics, Contrast and Black Level Detail.

U-571 while inspired by actual events doesn’t evoke the same reaction from me as say Saving Private Ryan. I’m not trying to take anything away from the brave sailors who put their lives on the line in the vast oceans around the globe during WWII but the depth change scene is simply overused. If we look at U-571 solely as a submarine film there are so many out there that showcase similar performance benchmarks in a home theater without coming off as cliché. U-571 was a surprisingly good film but like all the demos on my list its time for it to retire.

Alternate Demos: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Crimson Tide, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Zodiac

2. The Matrix Trilogy
Showcases: Dynamics, Surround Sound Mastering and Effects, High Frequency Detail, Surround Sound Coherence, Black Level Detail, Contrast, Color Saturation and Edge Fidelity.

I’m not sure any three films in recent memory have done more to change the face of big budget movie making for better and for worse than The Matrix Trilogy. The Matrix films took what we thought was possible in cinema and turned it completely on its ear. It gave us dead time as well as introduced American audiences to Kung Fu wirework. While many believe the first film to be far superior to the two sequels, all three films were technical achievements of the highest caliber both sonically and visually. Furthermore, one could argue that the original Matrix film spawned a whole new generation of home theater enthusiasts upon its release on DVD. The problem with this is there are still those who cling to those same DVDs and subsequent HD DVDs and Blu-rays like it was 1999. It’s time to move on. Like they say in The Matrix “everything that has a beginning has an end.”

Alternate Demos: Equilibrium, Appleseed Ex Machina, Jumper, Anything by John Woo starring Chow Young Fat

1. The Fifth Element -Taxi Cab Chase and Diva Scene
Showcases: Everything yet nothing all at once because no one cares anymore.

Okay, The Fifth Element had to take my top spot because it quite possibly has become the definition of a home theater demo. Like Kleenex is to tissue, The Fifth Element is to a home theater demo. The Fifth Element isn’t valid anymore simply because out of all the cliché demos listed here it is by far the most overused and thus has lost all of its effect. I have a standing rule when I visit trade shows and showrooms, if you cue up anything with a double bass or the Diva scene from The Fifth Element I’m out.

Alternate Demos: Anything else…

Honorable Mentions For Tired Home Theater Demo: Top Gun, Jurassic Park, Days of Thunder, The Dark Knight, Finding Nemo, Blade Runner, Titanic and Speed.

Feel free to post your comments on other clichéd demos and or alternate demos below. Be sure to cite why something is cliché and or why the alternative is good.

iPhone 3.2 SDK hints at iPhone with video calls

iPhone SDK has hooks for video chat

A discovery in the iPhone 3.2 developer kit suggests Apple is opening the door to video calls on its device. Icons in the Telephony UI framework would cover accepting or declining a video chat invitation; code references alternately make references to “iChat” and (in the video toolbox) “VideoChat.” No apps are currently included that would support the feature.

The code is a possible carryover from full Mac OS X, where iChat with video is built-in. However, these references haven't been spotted before, and firmware mentions have periodically been signs of iPhone and iPod touch features.

Which devices would get the feature aren't clear. Alleged spare frame parts for the iPad show room for a camera in the initial design, but front video cameras have been a staple of some higher-end smartphones for years and would be borne out by hints of a taller iPhone that might make room for the added optics. Networking is also an issue as 3G has only limited bandwidth for two-way video. [via 9to5Mac]

via iPhone 3.2 SDK hints at iPhone with video calls | Electronista.

Future Automation motorised wall mount for plasma and LCD screens

A dedicated electric bracket, the Plasma Screen Electric Wall Mount offers full rotation up to 90 degrees in either left or right direction for all screen sizes. The superbly smooth action, cable management and neat mounting plate encapsulate the high quality of Future Automation design with functionality and look like no other. A variety of mount options ensure that individual screens are mounted in the neatest possible way.

Technical Specification

Depth from wall

(dependent on mount) From 90mm

Maximum Rotation 90°

Maximum Weight 100 Kg

Colour Black

Shipping Dimensions

(WxDxH) 700 x 600 x 200 mm

Shipping Weight 25 Kg

Design Highlights

• Quiet smooth action with variable speed motion

• Full cable management

• Stylish look and finish

• On-board electronics

• Full range of mounting options

ITV to charge subscription for channels

New ITV chairman Archie Norman is expected to charge millions of viewers to watch all but the broadcaster’s main channel.

The ending of ITV’s days as a free-to-air broadcaster is likely to happen soon after the former Asda boss joins as non-executive chairman in January to replace Michael Grade.

As well as being likely to introduce pay-TV for digital channels ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4, Norman is set to cut costs, which could mean big job losses, said City sources close to him. ITV has already axed 1,500 jobs and aims to save £155 million this year.

ITV is home to hit shows including The X Factor

‘ITV is not very profitable, it does not pay a dividend,’ said a source close to Norman. ‘There is some way to go in improving business efficiencies. ITV needs the spring back in its step.’

Norman is also set to reorganise the ITV board after its failure to choose a chief executive and its delay in appointing a chairman. A new chief executive is unlikely until well into the New Year.

‘The board has become the story, but it will become a deeply professional board,’ said a City source.

The move to pay-TV is likely to come sooner rather than later. Despite outperforming rivals with hits such as The X Factor, ITV has suffered and expects advertising revenue to be down 12 per cent this year.

Subscription television businesses such as BSkyB have proved much more resilient. City sources said Norman believed it was imperative ITV changed from a free-to-air business.

ITV1 is likely to remain free-to-air as it offers advertisers a means of reaching a mass audience with a single programme. The X Factor had 16.5 million viewers last weekend. ITV’s digital channels attract much smaller audiences – ITV2 peaked at 2.7 million for Britain’s Got More Talent – and less advertising revenue.

Norman is also likely to retain programme-making arm ITV Productions, which makes shows such as I’m A Celebrity and Coronation Street. ITV has been under pressure from investors to sell this business.

But he is understood to want to develop ITV Productions’ international sales, said a City source. ‘If shows are produced through ITV’s owns studios, ITV owns the rights globally and that is going to be a fundamental part of the strategy,’ he said. The X Factor is produced by independent Fremantle Media and impresario Simon Cowell.

IBM unveils cloud computing service

Computing giant IBM’s new Smart Analytics Cloud service jumps on the ever-popular cloud computing bandwagon.

Cloud computing

IBM has unveiled a new cloud computing service that will put it head-to-head with existing cloud giants such as Amazon and

The Smart Analytics Cloud, which IBM claims is its biggest cloud computing service yet, will first be adopted internally.

Cloud computing allows companies to run software and store information in remote, large-scale data centers that can be accessed over the internet. That means users can cut back on hardware, as well as space and electricity.

IBM has historically lagged behind younger companies in rolling out cloud services. But it is still early days for the cloud industry, which Gartner Research estimates will ring up sales of about $3.4 billion this year.

Business interest in cloud computing has picked up since Amazon started offering storage and computing services over the web about three years ago. Google and Salesforce are the other early leaders.

via IBM unveils cloud computing service | IT PRO.

Google Chrome OS To Launch Within A Week

Google’s Chrome OS project, first announced in July, will become available for download within a week, we’ve heard from a reliable source. Google previously said to expect an early version of the OS in the fall.

What can we expect? Driver support will likely be a weak point. We’ve heard at various times that Google has a legion of engineers working on the not so glamorous task of building hardware drivers. And we’ve also heard conflicting rumors that Google is mostly relying on hardware manufacturers to create those drivers. Whatever the truth, and it’s likely in between, having a robust set of functioning drivers is extremely important to Chrome OS’s success. People will want to download this to whatever computer they use and have it just work.

We expect Google will be careful with messaging around the launch, and endorse a small set of devices for installation. EEE PC netbooks, for example, may be one set of devices that Google will say are ready to use Chrome OS. There will likely be others as well, but don’t expect to be able to install it on whatever laptop or desktop machine you have from day one. Google has previously said they are working with Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba on the project.

We’ve seen convincing and not so convincing screenshots of Chrome OS over the last several months. The good news is the speculation is about to end, and you can try it out yourself. If you have one of the supported devices, that is.

via Google Chrome OS To Launch Within A Week.

Lava mMotion swing promotion

Lava mMotion swing promotion
Remote-Controlled Wallmount

Move your TV automatically, not your furniture, to find your perfect viewing angles.

  • Watch from the sofa, dining-area
    or the balcony
  • Works with most remotes, including your TV’s
  • Universal mount – fits most sizes and brands
    Large size is recommended for 37“ – 55“ TVs*
  • 180° degrees of freedom – you stay,
    the TV moves
  • A thin deal – TV as near as 1,58“ (40mm)
    from the wall
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy preset positions – can go to favorite position when TV is turned on

Experience life from new angles – watch TV from the best spots – The mMotion swing wallmount fits almost every size and brand of TV, allows 180 degrees rotation, and even goes “around corners”.
Sit back, relax and swing with the mMotion remote controlled wall mount!

Technical Information

  • V/H pivot adjustment
  • Easy one stud installation
  • Weight: 5,1 kg
  • Operating voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
    (13 VDC AC-Adapter)
  • Power Consumption: operating mode <20W
    idle mode <0,5W
  • Remote control standard: IR
  • Learning receiver: Can learn most remotes
  • *Maximum load: 100 lb (45 kg)
  • *Maximum width: 1300mm – C/C 800x800mm

First iPhone worm rick rolls jailbroken phones

We sort of knew this would happen as soon as we heard about that iPhone wallpaper hack in the Netherlands — a hacker named ikex has created what’s apparently the first iPhone worm, and it’s currently infecting jailbroken iPhones across Australia. The “ikee” worm, as it’s being called, takes advantage of the fact that jailbroken iPhones with SSH installed all have the same default root password of “alpine,” and once in the system it changes your wallpaper to an image of Rick Astley and then tries to install itself on other jailbroken iPhones on the network. Sophos says it hasn’t confirmed any infections outside of Oz, and to be clear, this worm can’t get to stock iPhones or jailbreak owners who haven’t installed SSH — but if you’re running a hacked phone we’d say you should change that root password just to be safe right away. Get to it, kids.

via Engadget.

Windows 7 Sales Start Strong, Though PC Lift Unclear

Consumers snapped up copies of Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows 7 operating system during its first week on store shelves, though it’s too soon to tell to what extent the software will ignite sales of personal computers.

Sales of Windows 7 have been “fantastic” since the launch, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said at a press event in Tokyo Thursday, without providing details.

The first glimpse into demand for Windows 7 came from NPD Group, a research firm that tracks retail sales. NPD said unit sales of boxed copies of Windows 7 in U.S. stores were 234% higher during the software’s first few days than they were for Windows Vista, the prior version that debuted in 2007. NPD didn’t provide underlying sales figures.

NPD’s figures don’t reflect Windows 7 sales to businesses, an important audience for the Microsoft software. Michael Van Cleave, a technical analyst at CDW Corp., a technology reseller that caters to business, education and government customers, said the company has seen a “strong uptick” in demand for PCs and Windows 7 since the product became available.

The success of Windows 7 will be measured by the impact it has on sales of new PCs that come with the operating system already installed. On that count, Windows 7 performed well, though less so than Vista.

Between Oct. 18 and 24—a period that included sales before and after the launch of Windows 7 on Oct. 22—unit sales of Windows PCs were up 49% over the same period a year ago and 95% compared with the preceding week, NPD said.

Windows PC sales were 6% lower during Windows 7’s first week compared with during Vista’s first week, NPD said. “I think it’s mixed,” said Stephen Baker, an analyst at NPD. “We would have liked to see a stronger jump on the hardware side.”

A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company is waiting for sales data from partners in the hardware and retail businesses, but said the NPD figures are “in line with the anecdotal stories we’ve heard about excitement people have for Windows 7.”

October is a weak month for consumer PC sales, coming too late to capture back-to-school shoppers and too early to tap into holiday demand.

Sales of new PCs will likely see an uptick in November, when some retailers begin aggressive holiday promotions. One generating buzz is a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. offer for a $298 Hewlett-Packard Co. laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, a version that normally comes with more expensive PCs. Advertisements say it’ll be available Saturday in Wal-Mart stores.

“Our expectations were already pretty great, but it exceeded our expectations,” a Wal-Mart spokeswoman said of Windows 7 sales.

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Get color output from Apple TV’s composite video output

Get color output from Apple TV’s composite video output

composite hack Get color output from Apple TVs composite video output

composite hack Get color output from Apple TVs composite video output

Mauricio Pastrana has figured out how to get color output via the composite video connector. This is good news for people who want to use the Apple TV with regular non-HD TV sets.

Here’s what he did:

* Plug your composite-yellow in the green “slot” (this will give you an image, but BW)

* head over to resolution and set it to 480i (not sure if this step is needed tho)

* now STAND on 480p and unplug the composite-yellow, plug an HDMI-DVI adapter

* press “ok” on the remote and count to 5

* unplug the HDMI-DVI adapter and replug the composite-yellow, when the image comes back, it comes back full color!

Great job, Mauricio.

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Droid Does Have Pinch & Zoom | Android Phone Fans

I’ve heard A LOT of people insisting the Motorola Droid DOES NOT have Multi-Touch. They are wrong. I can quickly prove this by showing you a video of the Picsay update that just hit Android Market… which supports Multi-Touch for Android 2.0:

Picsay even has PINCH AND ZOOM. What critics don’t understand or failed to acknowledge/research is that while the Android Browser doesn’t have multi-touch capabilities by default, the operating system itself supports multi-touch. If you don’t believe me, you obviously didn’t watch the above video from an application currently available on Android Market.

I’ll have more on this tomorrow… but wanted to get this to you guys ASAP as its been a big debate/discussion that until now has gone unanswered/unproven.

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Apple releases Apple TV 3.0 software

On Thursday, the company released Apple TV 3.0 software. The updated software offers a new main menu interface that provides direct access to rented and purchased movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, photos, and YouTube videos. Your content (My Movies, for example) now sits at the top of lists instead of at the bottom. Once you drill down into secondary menus, however, the interface is the same as before.

The new software also lets Apple TV users enjoy iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content for albums and movies, respectively. (Apple let the update, and the iTunes LP and Extras support specifically, slip earlier in the day by changing its iTunes Store terms of service.)

The Apple TV now supports Genius Mixes as well, a new feature of iTunes 9 that also works on some iPod models.

For photos, the latest software adds support for iPhoto ‘09’s Events and Faces (but not Places) features.

Finally, Apple says you can now listen to thousands of Internet radio stations and tag stations for later listening. You could in fact listen to Internet radio on the Apple TV previously, you just had to put the stations in a playlist.

The software is a free update for all Apple TV owners.

Apple releases Apple TV 3.0 software | Apple TV | Playlist | Macworld.

Netflix logo

Sony in PS3 movie streaming deal with Netflix

Sony in PS3 movie streaming deal with Netflix | Technology | Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Sony said on Monday it is partnering with Netflix to provide access to the online movie rental company’s library through Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game console.

PS3 users in the United States who are also Netflix subscribers will be able to instantly stream movies from the Netflix catalog at no extra cost.

Sony’s move is just the latest salvo in its battle with Microsoft and its Xbox 360 console as the two heavyweights vie to become the so-called “digital hub” of the living room. Both companies are using their consoles to provide content beyond games.

“While gaming is clearly our core DNA I think we felt very confident three years ago when we debuted PlayStation 3 that this was going to be a device that was going to mean much more than gaming,” said Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The Xbox already offers Netflix access, but users must pay $50 a year for Xbox Live Gold membership to use it.

Although Netflix offers thousands of movies and TV episodes for instant streaming, it does not make its entire catalog available.

Netflix will be up and running on the PS3 in November, Sony said. Initially PS3 users will utilize a Blu-ray disc to access Netflix, but it will eventually be available through a software update on the PS3.

The PS3’s installed base numbers close to 9 million units in the United States, and Netflix has a U.S. subscriber base of 11.1 million.

The PS3, long the No. 3 console in the United States, is generating sales momentum following a recent price cut.

In September, the PS3 was the top-selling home console in the United States for the first time, according to industry tracker NPD, dethroning long-running champion Nintendo.

Tretton said the PS3’s strength has continued into October. “A lot of consumers were waiting for this price point …. The numbers are extremely good.” (Reporting by Gabriel Madway; Editing by Richard Chang)

Sony in PS3 movie streaming deal with Netflix | Technology | Reuters.

Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Streaming

Report says Netflix streaming on Wii could be available by end of 2009.image

Earlier this week we reported on Roku adding two new Netflix players, the Roku HD-XR and Roku SD, and Netflix support on the PS3 coming in November.

Now it’s Nintendo’s turn. According to Dan Rayburn of, Nintendo is currently testing Netflix streaming on the Wii.

The report, which cites an undisclosed project insider, says Nintendo’s original plan was to bring Netflix playback to the Wii by the end of 2009. That might still happen.

The same source also says Nintendo might hold off on the Netflix service to coincide with its next-generation Wii HD console launch early in 2010.

Either way, the number of Netflix-enabled devices just keeps piling up.

via Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Streaming – CE Pro Article from CE Pro.

Google may call the tune with its new music search feature

Digital Music

Google may call the tune with its new music search feature

The Internet giant won’t be selling records, but it could help iTunes’ competitors by steering buyers to them.

Mos Def

Mos Def

Rapper-actor Mos Def participates in a panel discussion of Google’s new music search feature. The rock bands Linkin Park and OneRepublic also helped the company launch its new function. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press / October 28, 2009)

Google Inc. started out 13 years ago as a simple search engine, but it has grown into a behemoth that has shaken up dozens of industries, including computers and cellphones.

On Wednesday, it jumped into the music industry.

The Mountain View, Calif., Internet giant unveiled a music search feature that lets users play millions of songs for free with an option to buy or rent them from several online music stores.

Although not a direct threat to Apple Inc.’s hugely popular iTunes store, the new feature is expected to bolster the music services that compete with iTunes.

The move was applauded by the music industry, which has been struggling against piracy that has siphoned off billions of dollars of potential revenue from musicians and recording studios.

The industry is hoping the search feature will direct users to legitimate digital music outlets and in turn help them compete with free but often unauthorized sources of music.

“We’re trying to get consumers to interact with some of these more legitimate services,” said Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business for Sony Music Entertainment.

“Having Google step up and support this is a positive development.”

Google formally rolled out the much anticipated search tool Wednesday at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood with scheduled performances by rock groups OneRepublic and Linkin Park.

But Google, which last month accounted for about 70% of Web searches in the U.S., said it wasn’t interested in competing with digital music retailers such as iTunes and Inc.

“We’re not in the music business per se,” said R.J. Pittman, Google’s director of product management. “We don’t license the music nor sell the music directly on Google. We are merely a music search feature.”

But in steering millions of Internet users to its partner sites, Google is indirectly boosting the sites’ abilities to compete with iTunes, which was responsible for 69% of U.S. digital music sales in the first six months of this year, and 35% of all music sales, including physical albums, according to market research firm NPD Group Inc. Amazon, the second-largest player, accounted for 9% of digital music sales and 10% of overall music sales.

Up-and-coming start-ups such as Lala Media Inc. as well as longtime players such as RealNetworks Inc.’s Rhapsody have tried to gain an edge over iTunes and Amazon by offering lower prices or different features.

Lala, for example, lets buyers listen to an entire album once free of charge before they buy. It also sells Web-only songs for as little as 10 cents a track, and downloadable MP3s for 89 cents.

iTunes typically charges 99 cents or more per song. Rhapsody, in comparison, gives subscribers unlimited access to more than 6 million songs for a monthly fee.

Millions of people already use Google to look for music on the Internet and learn more about bands.

The search engine last week accounted for 30% of referral traffic to music-related sites, according to Experian Hitwise, a firm that tracks Internet traffic. At any point, two of the top 10 terms searched using Google are music-related, Pittman said.

With the new tool, the song that’s being sought would appear on Google’s search page. A search for Coldplay, for example, would yield the band’s album cover art alongside four popular songs that users can play once free of charge. Once a song has been played, they will be able to hear only a 30-second sample.

To hear more, users would need to click to one of Google’s music partners, including Lala, Rhapsody, Pandora Media Inc., Imeem Inc., and News Corp.’s MySpace Music.

“Technology has made music more affordable and more instantaneous than ever,” said Bill Nguyen, co-founder of Palo Alto, Calif.,-based Lala. “Google is helping people to find and listen to what they like with virtually no effort. When you make it easier for people, they tend to buy more music.”

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Sonos S5

Sonos S5
Sonos S5

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is an all-in-one wireless music system that delivers superior sound, unlimited music, and endless enjoyment — all over the house. Plus, you can control it all with your iPhone™ or iPod® touch using the free Sonos Controller for iPhone app. Now music lovers can find and play any song from your iTunes® library and the Internet—in any or every room. The S5’s all-digital sound architecture includes 5 speakers powered by 5 dedicated digital amplifiers for crystal-clear, room-filling sound. Setup couldn’t be easier — simply plug it in wherever you want music. To play more music in more rooms, just add S5s wirelessly.

Xiva Musicm8

musicmate entertainment server
Store and play all your music, photos and movie clips

Launch XiVA™ MusicM8

The musicm8 is the centre of digital life. Everything you need, all in one place. The XiVA’s™ musicm8 is the advanced, dedicated entertainment server – A great way for your customers to store precious music collections, photos, movie clips and more.

The XiVA™ musicm8 marks a new chapter in connected media appliances, bringing custom features to a consumer product with ease. The musicm8 offers the ultimate in interoperability with almost every music, movie & photo playback device supported. Find your player here, and check the User Guide below for even more detailed setup information.

Most of you will be familiar with XiVA’s technology as it is widely used across the AV industry and is licensed to brands such as Elan, Sunfire and Revox. Past licensees include Crestron, Marantz and Linn amongst others.

Why XiVA™ musicm8?

The musicm8 is the centre of your customers’ digital life. Everything they will need, all in one place.

System Features

  • Zero Configuration — Plug and play solution out of the box
  • Totally headless operation — one box, one solution
  • Automated backup facility — just add external USB drive
  • Web browser configuration interface — simple control from any browser
  • Auto network share — part of plug and play
  • User creation of network shares — allows for easy integration with existing home setup
  • Photo browser and viewer — Elegant interface to your memories
  • Auto camera backup — loads digital photos
  • Online upgrades — no fiddly disc updates
  • MAC, Linux, XP and Vista compatible — all bases covered
  • And that is not all…Record with the XiVA™ musicm8
  • Automated recording of CD — CD record begins automatically when disc is inserted
  • XiVA error correction — for bit perfect CD reproduction
  • Flac, WAV and mp3 options with configurable bitrate — to cater for all tastes and collection sizes
  • Dual encoding — why not have a high quality and low quality version for your iPod
  • High quality metadata from FreeDB and cover art SOAP web services — all your music data in an instant
  • What are XiVA™ musicm8 streaming & network features?
  • Integrated UPnP server
  • Full iTunes DAAP and RSP support — library instantly appears in iTunes
  • Full support for Linn DS series — Sneaky, Majik, Akurate and Klimax
  • In-built podcast downloader
  • Configurable rip path to allow additional NAS devices — again for easy integration with existing home setup
  • Dynamic DNS ability — for more advanced internet connectivity
  • DLNA compliant — stream to any DLNA device including PS3 & Xbox 360
  • Support for video UPnP streaming
  • Squeeze centre — instant playback with any Logitech Squeeze device
  • Shared folders for video, audio, photos and data backups — easy access via home network
  • Nintendo Wii server and TV interface — stream music to your Wii
  • Wifi photo frame server
  • Remote web access — access your musicm8 anywhere in the world
  • Network password protection — for peace of mind

musicm8 hardware specifications

1TB storage
Integrated high quality, slot load DVD drive
Ethernet, VGA, USB, PS2
Size: 300 (H) x 65 (W) x 260 (D) mm
110 – 240 V
Power requirements 65W max.
ROHS and CE Compliant
Auto power recovery


The new ultra-silent Flatscreen TV Lift and Glide System is different from the typical TV lift and swivel system because the flatscreen is able to rotate while simultaneously gliding away from the wall to be viewed in the most desired positions. The mechanism can rotate up to 90 degrees in both directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise), and comes equipped with a custom pop-up TV enclosure to facilitate the mounting of the flatscreen, which includes cable management. Control options include an RF radio remote, and dry contact signals for RS232 touchscreen commands.